What’s Happening at the Old Redhook Property in Woodinville?

In December of 2017, Craft Brew Alliance, the owner of the Redhook brand, sold the Woodinville property. As a result, many people have been asking, what will go in where the old Redhook Brewery used to be located?

Woodinville, Washington – What’s happening at the old Redhook Brewery in Woodinville? First, Adventura has renewed its lease to operate its aerial adventure park on the Woodinville property, formerly owned by Craft Brew Alliance. Second, two wineries, Sparkman Cellars and DeLille Cellars, will grace the property after a significant remodel adds outdoor patios and event space. Third, a new pub will be opening to the delight of hundreds of thousands of people who bike their way to stellar beer and a tasty burger. Fourth, and here’s the stunning news, Teatro ZinZanni is permanently moving to the property! Tent, performs, and all moving right in to the old grass bowl after a substantial re-landscape of the property. All of this, will complete the epic shift to a property that acts as a hub of activity for people of all ages. 

Adventura, a Washington-based adventure park operator, has been in operation at the Woodinville location for over 15 years and is known for not only aerial adventure park operations, but also its long history of providing both recreational and developmental support to businesses both small and large. The adventure park offers private events as well as public Playday sessions by reservation. A Playday session is a 2.5-hour, self-guided climbing adventure consisting of a series of suspension bridges, challenge elements, and zip lines while 50 feet in the air. 

Playdays are open to the public on weekends spring, summer, and fall. Additionally, the adventure park will be open to small and large groups by reservation year-round.

The adventure park is designed to accommodate a diverse demographic with opportunities for children as young as 10 years of age to active adults who are of good health and mobility. Following a thorough ground school and detailed instruction, participants will be provided 2.5-hours to explore the course at their own pace. The park offers dozens of challenge elements combined with cargo net climbing, and zip-lining. Participants will be encouraged to travel at their own pace and challenge themselves throughout the course. Certified guides will be present to provide instruction, encouragement, and assistance as needed. The belay system provides participants the freedom to make choices regarding the route they take and level of challenge they face.

“It is our goal to provide visitors to the area a highly-engaging, family-friendly adventure with opportunities to experience nature, learn about themselves, bask in the natural world around them, and to create lasting memories,” says Scott Chreist, President of Adventura. “Our goal of educating, entertaining and inspiring through adventure experiences and immersion into the outdoors is very much in alignment with the lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest.” Chreist and his partners are passionate about the market and about the opportunity in Woodinville. “We hope to give visitors to the Park one more reason to return, or to extend their stay for an extra few days.”

To book your next adventure, please please visit www.adventuraplay.com or e-mail support@adventuraplay.com for information on private events for groups as small as 10 or large as 150. 


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