Solid Teambuilding in the Virtual Environment

As the world shifts to a more robust engagement of video technology to meet its needs, businesses of all sizes must reckon with the virtual meeting space.  

nten has written a decent article on best practices. It is worth reading. However, I want to dig a bit deeper into elements of facilitation and participation in the virtual realm.

For decades Adventura has championed the Essential need for all teams to create communication norms. With a shift to the virtual meeting/team space, this formation of communication norms is even more critical. It is paramount, however, attention be paid to alignment of non-verbal and verbal communication in this moment in time. Many Adventura workshop participants have encountered conversation regarding meta-communication (a secondary communication intended to aid interpretation), and the impact this has on engagement.

In the virtual meeting space, meta-communication appears to be directly impacted by mis-alignment of verbal & non-verbal communications. Therefore, we should consider the practice of alignment and the development of our skills to be critical to maintaining healthy team dynamics in the virtual environment.

Adventura has crafted the Forma Series as an intentional exercise process. Practice, reflection, and discussion of these elements of your interactions is mission critical. To learn more about the Forma series and how experience-based training & development works in the new virtual frontier, please visit the Forma Page.

Yours in Adventure,

–Adventura Team