Now Playing In The Heart Of Woodinville

Now Playing In The Heart Of Woodinville

How does one describe the Teatro ZinZanni experience?  Lush, velvety, raucous, achingly funny are just a few of the words that come to mind from the grand opening show on Nov 1 at their new World Headquarters next-door to us. That’s right, Teatro ZinZanni’s permanent home is right here in Woodinville, WA about 200 yards from the adventure park!

I’m certain the Mayor of Woodinville has just set the bar for any future Mayoral-minded citizens with his stand out performance as “Swift” the cowboy.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. On this first night of November, the Romanelli sisters arrived at Squak Saloon to find the Woodin brothers, thus setting the stage for an evening unlike any in recent memory. The show was witty and wildly entertaining for all. A huge round of applause to all the innocent guests who got swept up into the show’s action.  

The evening began the moment one stepped into the sumptuously decorated lobby to be greeted by none other than Joe “The Godfather” Toro. To see so many long time fans and supporters of Teatro ZinZanni all gathered together for this special evening, was heartwarming.

The show began with a touching welcome and intro by the founders and architects of the organization and quickly blossomed into a series of interconnected stories of passion, romance, and Bigfoot.

Adventura has been waiting over a decade to have neighbors weird enough to call friends. Last night proved the wait has been worth it. We look forward to many years of being playful, entertaining guests, and working to make the world a slightly better place than when we found it.