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The Essentials Workshops

Our Essentials Workshop is designed to delve into the fundamentals of healthy team dynamics. Bring your people together in a fun, unique and engaging atmosphere, to not only enhance team dynamics, but to build a foundation trust and outstanding communications.

Fundamental, necessary, ‘a part of the nature’, ‘required for normal functioning.’  When one asks, what is team building, we ask what is important in a team.  Our Essentials workshop is designed to explore that very question. What is “necessary, required…”essential” to YOUR team. Designed to meet your team at your level, we use humor, adventure and a collaborative foundation to help individuals explore what is vital to a healthy team.  This unique learning environment fosters an environment where each person gets to know themselves better, and how a healthy team is better for everyone.

This workshop emphasizes the use of activities, games, and sometimes climbing in order to guide participants towards conversations and dialog that directly relates to goals and objectives we identify both in advance and during the workshop. Fun and laughter is still central to the experience, but our function as facilitators shifts towards a deeper level of participant learning and development.

The end result is increased social connections that allows a team better levels of interaction, increased creativity, and the ability to more effectively work together.

This was one of the most productive team building offsites I have attended, thanks to your facilitation skills and flexibility. As a manager it gave me the opportunity to see my team function as a whole in a foreign environment with unexpected challenges & risks, and pull together to perform beautifully. It gave me the confidence that my team is set up to tackle anything we agree upon and set our mind too, and that it is the right people to handle this most delicate and innovative part of the business.

— Claire Bonilla, Redmond Director - Microsoft Technology Center

Our Essentials Workshop comes in three tiers:




Essentials Workshop
Essentials Workshop
Essentials Workshop

The basics Essentials is a unique learning environment that helps people take a look at themselves and discuss what makes a good team great. End result: increased social connections, heightened levels of interaction, increased creativity, and stronger teamwork.

The intermediate essentials workshop is a second step towards taking a deeper look at the team, it’s members, and the challenges they face from within. This workshop is about practicing the skills of mastery.

The advanced essentials workshop stands squarely on the shoulders of the basic and intermediate workshops. It is here that teams work to maintain their dynamics through practice. To maintain connectivity that can quickly adapt to changes, both external and internal.


A Word About Our Mission

Adventura is dedicated to crafting experiences that offer a solid look at team dynamics, human behavior, and a healthy exploration of what it takes to be a team.

Our workshops are designed for small to medium sized businesses. The average headcount in a workshop is 24. We can accommodate groups up to 45 without modification to the workshop designs. For companies with more than 45 employees, contact us to discuss a custom workshop plan.

Workshop Summaries