Coaching Services

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching encompasses a broad spectrum of issues including personal, business and organizational issues. The main goal of Adventura coaching is to connect with you to identify behaviors associated with self-awareness and develop your skills in order to transform the quality of your interactions and relationships. We provide services that aid in discovery and growth of soft-skills.

Who is executive coaching for?

Executive coaches can be either hired by a company to improve the performance and/or behavior of their higher level employees or those who are in leadership positions. However, with more increasing popularity and success coming from this type of coaching relationship, people have been hiring executive coaches for themselves. This can be on a private level or funded by the company but in general, more people are expressing interest in coaching to help them reach their goals within their careers and companies.

A trained executive level coach can come in and help push you past your perceived limits and into a more competitive and efficient place in your career. Hiring an executive coach shows that you are serious about your future and ready to make some changes. Throughout the coaching process, you should be able to measure and evaluate results so you and your coach can look back and the return on investment. 

The coaching process is all about challenging the client and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone in order to succeed at a higher level. The executive coaching process acknowledges that the client is highly capable and motivated already and deserves to have a strong say in how the process will play out. The coach is there to notice the little things, present options, motivate, guide and hold people accountable but not to babysit and dictate. People tend to be more motivated and productive when they are going after goals and plans that they believe in and understand. When coaching is on your terms and you feel more invested in the planning process, it will be much more rewarding to follow through and achieve your goals.

The Adventura Way..

Development should be challenging. Getting to what is real requires self-awareness and authenticity. It is to that objective that all our workshop foundations come directly from the True Colors Communication Skills workshop. As people gain insight into their own preferences and the preferences of others, we begin to see patterns within the dynamics between people. These patterns coupled with the self-awareness and language of the true colors model suddenly become highly visible thus allowing for monumental changes in the health of team dynamics and the wellbeing of each individual member.

There are two ways to go about coaching with Adventura:

  1. Begin with a one-on-one coaching session to experience the True Colors model and then discuss objectives, strategy, and tactics.
  2. Participate in a True Colors Communication Skills workshop with your team and then transition to a one-on-one coaching strategy.

We highly recommend teams and leaders participate in a True Colors workshop at the outset as this infuses the language tools and ideologies into the fabric of the overall team environment.

Learn more about getting started with a team workshop..

Team Building & Development

We offer a complete set of Team Building & Development workshops that we can customize for your team to achieve your goals

The Essentials Workshops — Guided through a series of interactivity, we work groups of people to learn to communicate, gain understanding, and work together to achieve common goals.

The True Colors Workshops — The process of self-discovery using humor, group play, and a bit of irreverence to reveal each person’s True Colors to the group — and to themselves.

Adventura Capabilities

These PDFs provide a thorough overview of all our capabilities. Feel free to print them out to support discussion.