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Team Building

We’re passionate about building stronger, healthier teams through experiential learning.

When one asks, what is team building, we ask what is important in a team.  Our Essentials workshop is designed to explore that very question. What is “necessary, required…”essential” to YOUR team. Designed to meet your team at your level, we use humor, adventure and a collaborative foundation to help individuals explore what is vital to a healthy team.  This unique learning environment fosters an environment where each person gets to know themselves better, and how a healthy team is better for everyone.  

Why use experience-based learning for team building?

Practice and Mastery. Think about the skills you possess. How did you gain these skills? Hands-on practice. It is not enough to hear about a thing; as hearing is not as good as seeing, seeing is not as good as knowing, and knowing is not as good as doing. To gain knowledge and apply it, that is the objective. The process of experientially developing skills is embedded within all of us. Adventura actively works to provide people with the transition from knowing to applying.

What are the challenges that stand between us and investing in developing our connectivity? Breaking free of the work-mode and entering practice-mode is central to making the most of time invested in team building. We excel at creating this shift of focus. And we do it through experience-based learning.

I’ve never had this much fun while training; my face actually hurts from laughing.

— Deirdre Walker, IT Director - Alaska Airlines
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Corporate Team Building
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Not sure what to do? Give us a call. We’re always happy to talk about team building that matters. 

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