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Indoor Activities – Play with Purpose

Indoor Play

Using group games to create a high-energy experience with an underlying objective to explore new skills, tools and language while working towards a heightened level of camaraderie. Indoor activities consist of games and initiatives that combine being physical and intellectual with recognizing the benefit of sharing resources and working to help others. These activities are designed to make participants feel challenged, motivated, and curious. We’re always working to challenge participants to think creatively and identify behaviors that help move the team towards a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Key Event Benefits:

  • Fun and laughter
  • Collaboration through play
  • Re-energizing connections between peers
  • Promoting self-esteem and team confidence through play
Indoor Activities

An indoor event kicks off with a series of socialization games that reveal the hidden commonalities team members share. Remember the energy and excitement of running around the playground as a kid? That’s what we’re aiming for. As we move through our time together, the games turn into problem solving activities that embrace competition to a degree. But in the end, we’ll be bringing everyone back together for one final all-hands task that clearly connects us as one team.

Our events are designed to maximize the participation of all team members. So, one way of looking at activities is to say that they are physical, but not physically demanding. We want to challenge not only the team, but the individuals in an appropriate manner. Activities frequently ask participants to find roles as contributors that reflect their ability to contribute and help move the team forward. It’s never about pointing out in-ability, but helping the team understand the need for, and the power of adaptation and supporting members.

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