Recreational Morale at its Finest.

Sometimes, you have to get out and play.

Adventura offers a wide variety of both Ground-based and Ground + Climbing TeamPlay events. These events encourage, promote, and support team camaraderie and communication and are complete with a bit of structure and irreverence.

If your team is up to the challenge, we can also incorporate climbing at our Aerial Adventure Park in Woodinville, allowing everyone to step outside of comfort zones and break through personal boundaries.

We’ll work with you to craft an experience that provides everyone with a great chance to blow off steam, have fun, and spend some time goofing off together.

Ground-based TeamPlay

The 1-to-3-hour session consists of:

  • Warmup — We’ll meet up at the designated location and jump into our unique icebreakers to wake people up and introduce our warped sense of humor.
  • Games! — Once we’ve warmed everyone up, we’ll jump right into the games designed to challenge, confound, stymie, and ultimately cause both laughter and a little chaos.
  • Wrap It Up — There’s a purpose behind everything we do, even if it’s just fun and games. As we wind up, we’ll discuss the games and some takeaways for everyone.

Fitness Requirements for Ground-based TeamPlay

Physical fitness always helps. That said, our ground-based TeamPlay events are mentally challenging and are not physically demanding at all.

Ground + Climbing TeamPlay

The 3.5-hour session consists of:

  • Warmup — Gather together out at our fantastic park and get ready to play like you mean it! 
  • Games! — Games that challenge everyone and prep them for the climbing session.
  • Safety School — Safety is paramount at Adventura. We’ll teach you how to use our safety equipment.
  • The Adventure Course — Climb the cargo net, then select your own path. Our instructors are there to help. Each activity station can be experienced in easy, moderate or hard mode. 
  • Wrap It Up — Time to exit our Aerial Adventure Course. Zipline time!

Fitness Requirements for Climbing

Participants should be in good health and physically fit. While our ground-based TeamPlay events are mentally challenging and are not physically demanding, the Adventure Park is a physical environment that involves using your body.

Details & Pricing

  • 10-person minimum fee
  • Advance reservations required
  • Call for complete booking policy — 1-866-981-8665


Ground Only

Per Participant

  • Duration: 1–2.5 hours
  • Group Size: 10–50


Ground + Climbing

Per Participant + Tax

  • Duration: 3.5–4.5 hours
  • Group Size: 10–50

We are always happy to work with you to customize your perfect event!