Recreational Morale at its Finest.

Sometimes, you have to get out and play.

Adventura offers a wide variety of Ground-based events. These events encourage, promote, and support team camaraderie and communication and are complete with a bit of structure and irreverence.

We’ll work with you to craft an experience that provides everyone with a great chance to blow off steam, have fun, and spend some time goofing off together.

Ground-based TeamPlay

The 1-to-3-hour session consists of:

  • Warmup — We’ll meet up at the designated location and jump into our unique icebreakers to wake people up and introduce our warped sense of humor.
  • Games! — Once we’ve warmed everyone up, we’ll jump right into the games designed to challenge, confound, stymie, and ultimately cause both laughter and a little chaos.
  • Wrap It Up — There’s a purpose behind everything we do, even if it’s just fun and games. As we wind up, we’ll discuss the games and some takeaways for everyone.

Fitness Requirements for Ground-based TeamPlay

Physical fitness always helps. That said, our ground-based TeamPlay events are mentally challenging and are not physically demanding at all.

Details & Pricing

  • 10-person minimum fee
  • Advance reservations required
  • Call for complete booking policy — 1-866-981-8665


Ground Only

Per Participant

  • Duration: 1–2.5 hours
  • Group Size: 10–50

We are always happy to work with you to customize your perfect event!