Recreational Morale at its Finest.

Sometimes, you have to get out and play.

Our events encourage, promote, and support team camaraderie. That being said, we also love to goof off and play, which means fun, pandemonium, and of course bragging rights… 

The Teamplay event is comprised of three phases: Warm-up – where we limber up, connect with peers, and prepare for shenanigans. The official Playing of Games – wherein we’ll test your brains, your coordination, your memory, and of course your ability to deal with a fair bit of chaos while laughing. After that, we’ll spend a bit Calming Down, then head off to the pub. 


  • The 1-to-3-hour in duration
  • Indoor, outdoor, or online
  • Ideal for 5 to 30 people
  • Play for the fun of it

$75 per person