Adventura is a truly unique place to work.

In the Pacific northwest, Adventura is routinely identified as the highest quality adventure park and the industry leader in Corporate Team Building. As a result, we see thousands of customers every year ranging from couples, friends and families, to corporate events of all shapes and sizes. 

We ask a lot of our staff. Our staff are ambassadors of the Adventura brand and that is a big deal. Customers look to our sales representatives, course technicians and facilitators for guidance and support, ambassadorship extends well beyond the work day. Once people know where you work and what you do, they have a lot of questions. This phenomenon connects with our passion and draws people in to the experience.

We train constantly. We expect all staff to make a strong commitment to developing skills and absorbing knowledge about customer care, risk management, technical skills, and the Adventura Philosophy.

Adventura Facilitation

Are you an EBTD facilitator?

Adventura is always on the lookout for talented facilitators. Feel free to reach out to us if you believe you’ve got the skills to facilitate at a corporate workshop level.

Casual Competency is essential for all technical staff. It means knowing every aspect of the course environment, being able to perform any task on a moments notice, and letting their personality shine. Coupled with a sincere passion for helping humans learn about themselves, casual competency is what makes our customers rave about their experience with Adventura.

Job Application

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Hiring Process:

All new technical staff will be required to attend a training and certification program regardless of previous experience. Once you have completed the job application online, we’ll contact you. If you have what we’re looking for; you’ll be invited for an interview, where you will have a chance to get to know us and we’ll have a chance to get to know you.