We absolutely love playing. Through it, we get to meet humanity. We get to spend time helping people play, grow, and learn. We’d love to see your stories from the course. Tag @adventuraplay in your posts and get entered to win passes and even private event packages.

Between the three day weekend and the sunshine we've had lately, we're really getting excited for summer here on our course!! ☀️Start planning your spring and summer fun now and purchase your #PlayDay passes in advance —
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Happy Valentine's Day from Adventura!
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The course opens to the public starting April 1, 2020. As you contemplate sunshine and fun, we support that kind of daydreaming and have turned on the reservation system for a new season of #playdays and #playdates - Link in bio. #bellevue #redmond #woodinville #seattle #pnwonderland ...

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We're glad you had a great time, Kim!
Get tickets for your whole family to go on our ropes course here 👉 .
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Tuesday got you like this? What if we told you work didn't have to be so much work? What if we told you that it could be easier to communicate with your team? Our workshops are for you, find out more:
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When major sporting events happen, it's often the story of two hard-working, deserving teams colliding for a chance at victory. At Adventura, we're all about one team — yours. Learn more about our #TeamBuilding workshops today:
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This, is a Sazerac. You don’t know how much you love this cocktail yet, but #wheelhousewa makes a mighty good one. And if you feel like leaning in the direction of #adventure , try a Carthusian sazerac. Trust us. ...

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How can summing yourself up in only three words lead to better communication with your co-workers? Find out in our #TrueColors workshop:
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If this is you after work, or hey, even just after the weekend, you need to book a #TeamBuilding session with Adventura. Learn more, or ask about a customized session 👉 .
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Come play with us. #giggles #scream #laugh Then soothe your nerves with #wine here in #woodinville 😁😜#adventuraplay it’s time to buy pre-season passes. They might be a good valentines gift, just sayin ...

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Dreaming of beautiful summer days on the course... .
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Ah Friday. So good to see you again. #rufflife #instructorlife #woodinville #pnwonderland #winedog #beautiful ...

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Thanks for the rave review, Melissa! 🙌🙌
Want a great building experience with your significant other or your co-workers? Check out Adventura today!
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Today we remember Dr. King and all he did to inspire us to become the best and most honorable versions of ourselves. .
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Today we’re at #sapconcur to spend some quality time exploring communication preferences. #humanresources #teamdevelopment #bellevue #truecolors #playwithpurpose ...

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Adventura turned 18 this year. Eighteen years of unique play in #woodinville a real hidden gem for grownups to reconnect with play. #bellevue #seattle #pnwonderland #pnwlife #getoutside ...

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  •   A friend and I went back in June this year (2018) and had a great time. The instructors create a safe, but fun environment. There're a lot of different paths... read more

    thumb hverespej

      A very joyful, trust-filled experience with our middle school. Expert, kind, and calm instructors who thoroughly went through the safety instructions and were there for us literally each step... read more

    thumb 280jackie

      The employees were super friendly and outgoing. We had an absolute blast. I loved that everything can be tailored to each individuals comfort level.

    thumb Eric G
  •   This was our firts time experiencincing this type of activity. Who would have thought dangling upside down high above the ground could be so much fun and challenging at... read more

    thumb Benjy M

      It was great that each of the obstacles could be made easier or more challenging depending on your comfort level. The instructors were great at helping you navigate through.

    thumb Laura M

      Had a great time! The instructors are very friendly. Depending on what you want, you can choose which route (hard or easy) to take. If you're looking for a little... read more

    thumb Discover101057
  •   Purchased this adventure for my daughter and myself. She is an adult. People were participating from ages 20ish - 60's. Everyone had an amazing time. All skill levels wre welcomed.... read more

    thumb mamasheri

      It was an awesome experience. We had so much fun! I had problem with my online reservation and they returned my call promptly. Staff are very professional. My GoPro fell... read more

    thumb tihwan1

      The entire experience was a blast the people running the place were awesome Andy was sweet entertaining and accommodating! When you go up onto the course you will be... read more

    thumb nuksuwanchote
  •   My cousin and I are nearly 40 years old and had a BLAST at Adventura Aerial Adventure Park. The whole experience was amazing and followed the old life lesson that... read more

    thumb nuflours01

      My adult daughter and I went there to have spend some quality time together. We had a blast going through the obsticals. It was an opportunity for us to do... read more

    thumb Teresa B

      I chose Adventura for my 16th birthday party and it couldn't have been more fun!! The instructors were SUPER nice and they made sure everyone felt comfortable on the course.... read more

  •   I don’t know what else to say, I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FROM MEEEEEE. But yeah, it was fun. We left with sunburn noses and the mindset... read more


      Such a wonderful experience at Adventura for my birthday! The staff are super helpful, extremely nice and they always make sure you are safe! They accommodated me very well and... read more


      This is our third time having our office summer party up at Willows Lodge. Adventura Aerial Adventure Park is right next to it so it is an offered activity. Our... read more

    Cariana B
  •   Our company visited Adventura as a team building event. The instructors were great and there was never a dead moment. Many of us found ourselves challenging ourselves to go... read more


      We came with our two ten year old boys and the staff were great with them! They made sure they were safe and were happy to help me get them... read more

    Melissa L

      Fun adventure and I would highly recommend! Very knowledgeable staff who can work with all different levels of experience. Go check it out

    Nicole C
  •   Ryan was awesome! The crew was helpful and my girlfriend & I had a blast, were actually planning out next outing there with a couple of our friends and family... read more

    Tirhas G

      We had a blast with kids there. The course is challenging enough for adults and great for kids starting 11 years old. Wouldn't recommend it to short 10yo kids as... read more


      We've seen this Groupon for a while now and never took advantage. (Get the Groupon!) We are so glad we did! The guides are fun, funny and really cool! Even... read more

  •   Easy place to find with ample parking. The staff was fun and upbeat, with super clear instructions and tips. Great emphasis on safety and procedures. Challenging courses that were fun... read more

    Kelly W

      The staff was super nice and they gave me and my boyfriend partner challenges on some obstacles to make the course more fun and difficult.


      Took my husband and two teenage daughters here and we had such a great time. I have a fear of heights, but wanted to try. Everyone made me... read more

    Rachel M
  •   The stuff are friendly and helpful. The course is fun, much more challenging than it looks! The course is not one of the traditional one-path, instead you have choice to... read more


      The guides made this a positive experience for everyone. They were all friendly and helpful. The course offers different levels of challenges, so the more adventurous ladies had a great... read more


      We did a company event here with about 40 people. It was fantastic! The Adventura staff went above and beyond. It was a great team building exercise and every single... read more

  •   Great group activity. We went with 5 friends and all had a great time. Good work out in fun environment. Have done it twice now and would definitely go again


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