Course safety information

What happens if I freeze on the course?

"What happens if I get up on the course and I freeze??" Our philosophy at Adventura is "Challenge by Choice". This means it is YOUR choice what level of challenge you experience at Adventura, and it is the role of our staff to support you in that, whether that [...]


What if I am afraid of heights?

What if I am afraid of heights? Fear and anxiety play a role in everyone’s life on some level. It’s normal to be afraid of the unknown and certainly everyone has questions when they arrive at the adventure course facility. Will I be able to do this? Am I [...]

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Are Adventure Parks Safe?

Are Adventure Parks Safe? At Adventura, safety comes first. Our course is designed by experienced industry experts to maximize the excitement and minimize the risk. By definition, adventures have inherent risks, both real and perceived. Our course risk management plan begins with a design that enhances the perceived risk [...]

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