Frequently asked questions

What is Adventura?

Adventura is an experiential education company located in Woodinville, Washington that specializes in both team building and aerial course adventure.


Where is Adventura located?

Course Address: 14300 Northeast 145th Street Woodinville, WA 98072 (not a mailing address) Directions: Upon arriving at the entrance to Redhook, look for Adventura signs directing you to the course parking area.


My Voucher Expired!

My Voucher Expired! The law in Washington State dictates that vouchers, upon expiration, convert to face-value gift certificates. We understand that sometimes life gets busy. We've made an executive decision here to allow expired vouchers to be re-activated for a $30 reactivation fee per code. This saves you a few bucks [...]


What is an Adventure Park?

An aerial adventure park is a physical environment where individual climbers encounter obstacles that challenge their ability to climb


Do I have to be in good shape?

Do I Have To Be In Good Shape? Physical Fitness - Climbing on the adventure course is a physical event. Participants should be in good health and physically fit.


What if I am afraid of heights?

What if I am afraid of heights? Fear and anxiety play a role in everyone’s life on some level. It’s normal to be afraid of the unknown and certainly everyone has questions when they arrive at the adventure course facility. Will I be able to do this? Am I [...]


Are Adventure Parks Safe?

Are Adventure Parks Safe? At Adventura, safety comes first. Our course is designed by experienced industry experts to maximize the excitement and minimize the risk. By definition, adventures have inherent risks, both real and perceived. Our course risk management plan begins with a design that enhances the perceived risk [...]