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Frequently Asked Questions About The Adventura Aerial Adventure Park


Peruse many of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding park, booking, cancellation policies.

What is Adventura?2017-10-02T23:31:15-07:00

Adventura is an experiential education company located in Woodinville, Washington that specializes in both team building and aerial course adventure.


Minimum age: 10

Climbers age 10-12 are required to climb with an adult.

Weight Limits: 65 lb to 250 lb

Cancellation Policy2017-10-02T22:19:21-07:00

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy for Playdays & Playdates:

  • For cancellations made at least 48 hours before scheduled start time: Refund or Reschedule
  • For cancellations made fewer than 48 hours before the scheduled start time:  No refunds, no rescheduling
  • No-Show:  no refunds, no rescheduling

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy for Private Events:

  • For cancellations made at least 20 days before scheduled date: Deposit amount can be credited towards a future Adventura event. No refunds will be given on booking deposit.
  • For cancellations made fewer than 14 days before the scheduled date:  A 50% cancellation fee will be applied to amount paid. Any remaining amount can be used towards a future Adventura event. No refunds will be given on booking deposit or other payments towards full event fee.
  • For cancellations made fewer than 7 days before the scheduled date:  no refunds, no rescheduling.

Cancellation due to Weather or other Condition:

Adventura reserves the right to conduct events regardless of weather conditions. All decisions on whether to operate the Challenge Course on any given day are at Adventura’s sole discretion.

In the event that a specific reserved date or time slot is either canceled by Adventura or not available due to weather or other condition, or (if applicable) less than 1/2 of the Challenge Course activities were completed prior to closing the Challenge Course, we will provide alternative options and work with you to reschedule. It is important that you provide us with detailed contact information when you place your order so that, if necessary, we may reach you with these alternative options. You are not entitled to a refund as a result of such cancellation, however, if other options or rescheduling is not feasible, Adventura may provide a refund in its good faith discretion. In no event shall you be entitled to receive any additional costs, expenses, or other losses or damages of any type you may have incurred in planning for any scheduled date.

Booking Policies (Private Events)2017-10-02T22:19:30-07:00

For private event bookings: 

Booking Deposit and Date Reservations: In order to secure an event date and time, we require an estimated headcount and a deposit of 50% of the total program cost. Programs booked within 14 days of the program date require full deposit and guaranteed headcount (see below) at the time of booking.

  • All bookings are considered tentative until deposit is received.
  • Final payment of all program fees must be made in full no later than 14 days before the day of the event.

Guaranteed Headcount and Payment: 2 weeks (14 days) before your program date, we will contact you for your guaranteed headcount and to complete payment for your event. Your final headcount will be considered a guaranteed minimum number of participants, and no refunds will be issued if fewer participants attend.

  • Your headcount can be increased after this date, subject to our ability to accommodate such increase.
What happens if I freeze on the course?2017-10-02T22:19:57-07:00

“What happens if I get up on the course and I freeze??”

Our philosophy at Adventura is “Challenge by Choice”. This means it is YOUR choice what level of challenge you experience at Adventura, and it is the role of our staff to support you in that, whether that means giving you ninja warrior level challenges on every element, or telling you silly pirate jokes on the greeting deck while you hug a pole.

Our non-linear design means that there is no single designated path, you won’t have a line of people waiting behind you for you to go, and even if all you do is hang out on one platform, you can still be a part of the experience with the group. We pride ourselves on our ability to help you achieve just a bit more than you believed you could, whether that is taking one step onto the cargo net or completing a challenge that first seemed impossible. And if you find yourself in a spot you just can’t get out of, our staff can bring a participant back to a platform or lower them all the way to the ground from any point on the course.

By the way, what’s a pirate’s favorite letter? We’ll give you the punch line when we see you on the course. 

Recommended Clothing2017-10-02T22:22:43-07:00

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing choices.

We recommend the following:

Where is Adventura located?2019-06-06T11:05:08-07:00

Course Address:

14300 Northeast 145th Street Woodinville, WA 98072 (not a mailing address)


We share a driveway with Teatro Zinzanni. Upon arriving at the driveway, look for Adventura signs directing you to the course parking area. You can view a map to our parking area by clicking here.

My Voucher Expired!2019-06-06T11:02:53-07:00

My Voucher Expired!

The law in Washington State dictates that vouchers, upon expiration, convert to face-value gift certificates. If you purchased your voucher prior to 2018, please reach out to our customer support at 1-866-981-8665 ext 2 for assistance.

What is an Adventure Park?2017-10-02T22:23:11-07:00

What is an Adventure Park?

An aerial adventure park is a physical environment where individual climbers encounter obstacles that challenge their ability to climb, jump, grab, haul, walk, swing, and balance themselves while at heights of up to 50 feet above ground, then exit the course via a zipline. Our adventure park is not a zipline facility or canopy tour.

Do you operate in bad weather?2017-10-02T22:23:21-07:00

Inclement Weather

Our facility operates in the rain, snow, sun, and fog.  We only close at the discretion of management based on risk management policies. If management feels that the weather poses a safety risk, then we will close. Otherwise, we run all sessions as scheduled. We do not offer cancellations or refunds unless management closes the course. Don’t worry about getting wet. You might find that you have more fun than you thought possible in the rain!

Do I have to be in good shape?2017-10-02T22:23:49-07:00

Do I Have To Be In Good Shape?

Physical Fitness – Climbing on the adventure course is a physical event. Participants should be in good health and physically fit.

What if I am afraid of heights?2017-10-02T22:24:13-07:00

What if I am afraid of heights?

Fear and anxiety play a role in everyone’s life on some level. It’s normal to be afraid of the unknown and certainly everyone has questions when they arrive at the adventure course facility. Will I be able to do this? Am I strong enough? Will others think poorly of me if I can’t? I don’t want to be embarrassed. I don’t want to slow others down. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. These are but a few of the thoughts that race through the mind when faced with the unknown of the adventure course. Amazingly enough, it is also these very thoughts and fears that make the challenge course such a powerful experience for individuals and groups that are committed to growing.

Experiencing, hearing, and seeing people do things that they are not masters of, or that they are fearful of, taps into a level of  development that 9 out of 10 people never discuss or face. By going through a challenging experience, people discover a deeper sense of capability.

Are Adventure Parks Safe?2017-10-02T22:25:35-07:00

Are Adventure Parks Safe?

At Adventura, safety comes first. Our course is designed by experienced industry experts to maximize the excitement and minimize the risk. By definition, adventures have inherent risks, both real and perceived. Our course risk management plan begins with a design that enhances the perceived risk and controls the real risk. Our course was constructed by builders certified by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), the leader in research, design, and construction of adventure courses. An ACCT certified builder inspects all carabiners, belay devices, harnesses, and helmets each year, along with all components of low and high elements. Additionally, we inspect our facility/equipment daily.