What happens if I freeze on the course?

“What happens if I get up on the course and I freeze??”

Our philosophy at Adventura is “Challenge by Choice”. This means it is YOUR choice what level of challenge you experience at Adventura, and it is the role of our staff to support you in that, whether that means giving you ninja warrior level challenges on every element, or telling you silly pirate jokes on the greeting deck while you hug a pole.

Our non-linear design means that there is no single designated path, you won’t have a line of people waiting behind you for you to go, and even if all you do is hang out on one platform, you can still be a part of the experience with the group. We pride ourselves on our ability to help you achieve just a bit more than you believed you could, whether that is taking one step onto the cargo net or completing a challenge that first seemed impossible. And if you find yourself in a spot you just can’t get out of, our staff can bring a participant back to a platform or lower them all the way to the ground from any point on the course.

By the way, what’s a pirate’s favorite letter? We’ll give you the punch line when we see you on the course.