Talking, Listening, Thinking, Feeling, Acting…

Our species is complex. When we’re born our entire experience is based on what we see and how we feel. Anyone who has had a newborn will tell you, while the child has no words, they are very communicative. As not-newborns, we tend to take pleasure from the interaction experience we have with newborn babies (mostly). Ever stopped to think about that? Why do we make faces and sounds at babies in ways we’d really never do with our employees, executive director, manager, boss, or even with our friends? Well, it’s complicated.

Turns out, we use our mastery of infant communication in every single moment we communicate with other humans. Metacommunication is a thing. AND your awareness of it can have some remarkable effects on your daily communication attempts. When one takes metacommunication, self-awareness, language, and personality all in to consideration, we think the realities of needing to practice and grow make a lot of sense.

Our True Colors Workshops are designed to help individuals understand not only their own “stuff”, but the “stuff” of their peers – i.e.each person’s communication style and how that plays out in public. This kind of Experiential Learning gets to the core of your own personality and is paramount to team success.

Knowing how to communicate with someone is the key to interpersonal communication. How one person on your team communicates with another can be the key to success, Or a failure of being heard where brilliant ideas never see the light of day.

We use a simple game to get started, then guide each individual through this process of self-discovery using humor, group play, and a bit of irreverence to reveal each person’s True Colors to the group. Having done that, we make use of all that information to help people learn about how we can make it all work and be brilliant as a team!

The result? People gain insight on personality traits of the people they work with, better ways to communicate and collaborate with other members of their team, and also glean valuable insight about their own personalities (and even their spouses, children, and siblings).

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