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EBTD & 1/50 Teaming

Teambuilding is a never-ending process. As your company or team grows, it will continuously face challenges to maintaining healthy team dynamics. Thinking strategically about on-boarding, development, and maintenance is a critical component for every business.

Below, we outline an initial recommendation towards the crafting of a strategic development plan.

  1. Surveys and interviews of all Team members.
  2. Assessment of existing team dynamics across all departments.
  3. Generation of Essentials Document.
  4. Define the principles of team membership.
  5. Create a development road map.
  6. Develop 1/50 Plan

1/50 PLAN Development

The process of creating a developmental plan draws from conversations at the leadership level regarding the current state of dynamics team-wide. These conversations are an opportunity for leadership to discuss what they’d really like to see in the dynamics, behaviors, and relationships between all team members. EBTD is about raising self-awareness in every member of the team. It is about getting everyone involved and doing everything they can to create a healthy, effective, well-balanced community/culture. Ultimately it is about engaging people in ways that excite and energize.


  • Team formation
  • Clarification of self-perspectives
  • Increased awareness of auto-cognitive communication
  • Development of shared principles
  • Establishing relationships between peers
  • Enhanced investment in peer-to-peer support

Choosing the right program…

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