We’re focused on building stronger, healthier team dynamics through experiential learning 

What is experiential learning?

Experience-based learning is a methodology centered on the principle people learn best by doing.

Every aspect of a workshop experience lends itself to teaching. Sometimes it presses us to look inside ourselves, or encourages us to connect with others, it often creates compassion in us, and can cause us anxiety (not a bad thing), and if we’re brave enough, if we’ve taken a deep enough breath, we can come through our experiences better for it.

The Art of Play

People love to play. Play has a profound impact on our relationships, ourselves, and our ability to relate to others. Using our imaginations, creatively thinking, exploring what we think and feel through play is as natural as breathing. Play makes us feel good, it helps us deepen our connectivity to each other and strengthens sense of self in the process. Play offers us a chance to practice being.

At Adventura, we help people actively explore being.

Choosing the right program…

The first step in planning an event is knowing your goals and objectives. 

Teambuilding, as a concept, has morphed into a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations, clarify principles, and serve as a tool for the development of team dynamics.

“Teambuilding” has two primary categories:


Recreational Entertainment is about playing together to create social bonds, learn about the character of ones’ peers, and to foster a sense of community through shared experiences.

Appropriate activities:


Teambuilding is a facilitated experience where collaboration, creative thinking, reflection and dialog are paired with activities that challenge to gain insight into healthy team dynamics.

Appropriate activities are professionally facilitated workshops:

 Given this knowledge, what is the best strategy and format for your offsite meetings?

 Determine your objective(s)

  • If the goal is simply to present information or material to the team and do something fun, the traditional format is effective: arrival, coffee, presentation, lunch, recreate and wrap-up.
  • If team members are being asked to provide input, strategize, or collaborate to identify new approaches or new directions, move teambuilding to the start of the event and contact a professional facilitator. Doing so will result in higher engagement, deeper creative collaboration, and greater participant investment.
  • If developing team dynamics is the primary objective, contact a professional facilitator and discuss designing a training regimen specific to your team.

Once you’ve determined your objectives:

  • Clarify the purpose of the meeting and desired outcomes and share this information with your specialist. Be sure to convey what you’d like the meeting or event to accomplish, and how it relates to developing effective team dynamics.
  • Ensure attendance. There are few greater negative impacts to team dynamics than having individuals fail to respect the investment everyone else is making by being present and on-time.
  • Sequence the timeline. Staging the experience is an oft overlooked element of meeting plans. In many instances, the timeline of an offsite meeting is cobbled together without the benefit of an experienced developmental specialist. With the aid of a qualified consultant, offsite meetings can foster peak engagement, deeper connectivity, meaningful collaboration, and healthier team dynamics.

If you’ve determined the best use of time and resources is to combine your business meeting with a team activity, start with the activity, followed by the business meeting. Instead of placing the activity at the end of an event, front-load it. Make use of the energy it creates. Let it lubricate the connectivity between members. Participants will be energized, full of fresh ideas, and knowledge. Their minds will be focused on creative thinking and ripe for collaboration.

Maintain the progress made…

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