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The Easiest, Most Effective Personality Tool Ever. 


17 questions, four colors, and a day to change everything. 

Our True Colors Workshop comes in three variations:




Essentials Workshop
Essentials Workshop
Essentials Workshop

True Colors Workshop sets the foundation for truly gaining insight into yourself and your peers. We’ll provide an opportunity for people to explore what makes each of us tick and help people take a look at themselves while examining behavioral dynamics and gaining a fresh outlook on how people prefer to go about being.

A second step towards taking a deeper look at the team, it’s members, and the challenges they face from within. Explore deeper concepts of daily use and examine how we go about working together. Practice and commitment, we can’t say that enough.

This True Colors workshop stands squarely on the shoulders of the basic and intermediate workshops. It is here that teams work to maintain their dynamics through practice. To establish a connectivity that can quickly adapt to changes, both external and internal.


On behalf of my law firm, I wanted to thank you for a great experience on the challenge course.  The training was short, effective and understandable.  Plus, we had a blast.  We had all kinds of people on the course–lawyers and staff, some highly fit and others not-as-fit, and the course is flexible enough to provide challenges and successes for all.

— Dan Dunne, Shareholder - Heller Ehrman

A Word About Our Mission

Adventura is dedicated to crafting experiences that offer a solid look at team dynamics, human behavior, and a healthy exploration of what it takes to be a team.

Our workshops are designed for small to medium sized businesses. The average headcount in a workshop is 24. We can accommodate groups up to 45 without modification to the workshop designs. For companies with more than 45 employees, contact us to discuss a custom workshop plan.

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