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Adventura’s Canine Ambassadors

AKA the Puppy Morale Team!

(woof. bark. scroll down for a great deal from our resident pups! woof.)

Mooki Padoodle
Vice President, Greeter, Brand Ambassador

Mooki is proud to be the original Adventura dog. This golden lab may be blind, but he doesn’t consider it an issue. Adventura is his stomping ground and he’s been exploring the terrain regularly since he was a little pup. Mooki lives with his Seeing Eye Human, Company Director Scott Chreist.

Chief Morale Officer, Lead Tennis Ball Inspector

Our fluffiest team member is also our youngest. This golden retriever puppy is still learning some of his course dog manners, but he makes up for it with extra soft fur and puppy dog eyes. Mowgli is always happy to offer a comforting tail wag to anyone who needs it. When not bringing optimism and exuberance to his role as Course Dog, he enjoys terrorizing the home of our Operations Director, Kira McKenzie.

Captain of Calm

This “not so mini” mini Aussie has got the course dog life perfected. Loki specializes in providing emotional support and occasionally getting his fluff a bit muddy in the pond. Loki is a part time member of our team, so consider yourself very lucky if you get to meet this mellow fellow! Loki lives with Course Technician Tyler.

Perimeter Patrol Leader

They don’t call him Commander Cricket for nothing! Nothing gets by this guy, from humans zooming down the zipline to the grass getting just a bit too long, Cricket is on it. After his morning perimeter patrol, including a sniff test of each pole, he moves on to monitoring the happiness, wellbeing, and treat potential of each participant and staff member. When not on duty, Cricket lives with Senior Technician Nathan.

Our Canine Ambassador Team members have a very limited understanding of human currency. We told them they couldn’t invite people to come play for JUST ear scratches and treats, so we’ve compromised on a deal for their human fans:

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