Our Build-A-Boat program is all about playing, competing, facing challenges, and providing your team with a truly memorable event!

Bring everyone together for a day outdoors and challenge them to build a water craft that will actually carry them as they race from shore, out to various markers, and back again. Whether your groups are learning about resource sharing, cycle time, collaboration, or just looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, Build-A-Boat is a dynamic, engaging, and highly interactive event. Are you up for the challenge?

Cardboard Regatta

Introduction: A lead facilitator provides a brief overview of what the group can expect. Depending on the level of difficulty you’re seeking for your group, we provide the teams with clues about the product’s construction or we let the teams come up with their own designs.
Starting off as one huge group, we break down your group into crews of 3 to 8. From this point, each crew will plan, build a vessel of their own: pontoons, Viking ships, catamarans, skulls, ketches. Once built and presented to the rest of the teams, the boats are then raced in open water and only the successful stay dry.

Cardboard Regatta

Team Roles & Goals: Teams discuss the process goals that they want to meet: to communicate clearly and concisely, to garner the ideas of all participants, or to utilize skills and talents from everyone on the team. Then they establish roles, which often lend insight into workplace dynamics and can set the stage for a meaningful team-building experience. We encourage participants to consider both process roles and task roles. Who will be the designer? Who will do the drawings? Who will steer the vessel? Who is good at collaborating and reaching consensus? Who is willing to get really wet?

20 to 50 people

  • Requires 30 advance reservation
  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Pricing: $150 per person
  • Catering Not Included
  • 20 person group minimum
  • This is a water-based event – be prepared to get wet

51 to 200+ people

  • Requires 30+ day advance reservations
  • Subject to availability of Lake Sammamish State Park site
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Pricing: $125 per person
  • Catering Not Included
  • 50 person group minimum
  • This is a water-based event – be prepared to get wet
Build A Boat PDF

We hereby swear to craft an experience that provides you with a great chance to blow off steam, have fun, and spend some time just goofing off together.

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