About Us

Adventura is an experiential education company located in Woodinville, Washington that specializes in Corporate Morale Events, Team Building, and Developmental workshops.

The approach we take towards helping every person we encounter to play, laugh, and grow demonstrates a bias for simplicity and above all, honesty.

We design and craft adventures with these passions and values in mind.

Our Reason For Being

Adventura grew out of a small community of people who’ve been deeply affected by outdoor learning and experiential education. We believe in the power of experience and reflection, and we believe in people working together to understand not only themselves but each other better. Our people are the heart and soul of Adventura. We strive to live a lifestyle that is centered on the pursuit of happiness through outdoor activity and one that makes a life-long commitment to Experiential Learning.

We employ outstanding learning methodology to help people connect with new skills, language, strategies, and knowledge in their pursuit of being the best they can be. It’s our reason for being. Staying true to these core values during 25 years in business has helped us create a company we’re proud to run.

And our focus on providing unique and effective human development support has brought us success in the marketplace. We’ve managed to succeed because of our professional service, the fun atmosphere we continue to provide, and the results we’ve been able to deliver to our clients.

Team Building and Development

We work with companies to change their culture by helping people understand each other better. Our passion for engaging every single human is deeply connected to the overwhelmingly positive opinion our customers have of us.

Our Founder

Scott Chreist is the President and founder of Adventura.

Scott has been providing experience-based training and development services since 1990, serving the fields of corporate training and personal development.

He received his bachelor’s degree in Experiential Education from the University of New Hampshire. His creative insight and talent have taken him around the world, delivering innovative programs and designing dynamic workshops for many progressive organizations: Amazon, Facebook, T-Mobile, Zumiez, Microsoft, Boeing, Google, and many others. Currently, his work specializes in corporate Experience-based Training and Development (EBTD). He also consults on executive development, experiential program design, challenge course technology, and facilitator development.

As a facilitator, his emphasis is on human development, creating self-management practices for individuals, designing and delivering leadership development workshops. Using an experiential base to support his work with clients, Scott puts an emphasis on raising individual awareness and eliciting personal accountability for resolving issues and driving towards results.