About Adventura

If there is one thing we know, it’s how to play. Everyone here can recount numerous adventures from childhood through last week that involve imagination, courage, friendship, and a willingness to see what happens when we bring ideas into reality. Our focus on providing unique experiences has kept us in business for just over 17 years and we’re confident that these values will continue to attract customers from all parts of the world who enjoy a good game of Ro Sham Bo or are looking for something extraordinary to do while wearing a harness.

Our History & People

Adventura grew out of a small community of people who’ve chosen to travel a different path in life. Each of us, in our own way, have been deeply effected by the great outdoors and as we’ve explored we’ve found that play is a universal concept.

Our values reflect those of a business started by a band of climbers, paddlers and adventurers. The approach we take towards helping other humans play, laugh, and grow demonstrates a bias for simplicity and above all, honesty. We believe in doing things the honest and pure way (which is not usually the easy way). We design and craft adventures with these passions and values in mind.

Scott Chreist
Scott ChreistFounder & CEO
Kyle Reed
Kyle ReedTechnical Director
Nathan Hanna
Nathan HannaAerial Technician
Nick Mundell
Nick MundellSenior Technician
Anneliese Dompe
Anneliese DompeDirector of Facilitation Services
Kira McKenzie
Kira McKenzieDirector of Operations
Malcolm Peppers
Malcolm PeppersSenior Technician
Sara Qualin
Sara QualinAerial Technician
Paul Bland
Paul BlandSite Manager
Joey Pauley
Joey PauleyFacilitator