15 Fun, Unique, Adventurous or Romantic Things to Do in Seattle

Looking for something fun to do in Seattle? Find a new adventure, a unique hobby or just a darn good time. Each of these suggestions brings something a little different to the table, but promise to be a fun time. Explore adventurous, fun, romantic and unique things to do in Seattle and the surrounding area.

Adventurous Things to Do in Seattle

  • Climb on the adventure park at Adventura
  • Hike Mount Si
  • Kayak from Lake Union to the Puget Sound

Climb on the adventure park at Adventura

What: An aerial adventure park climbing obstacles and ziplining.

Where: 14300 Northwest 145th St, Woodinville, WA, 98072

Email: support@adventuraplay.com

Call: (866) 853-6083

Website: adventuraplay.com

Adventura is just a short hop from Seattle and well worth the drive. The adventure park allows you to climb, jump, grab, haul, walk, swing and balance your way through a fun adventure that takes you up to 50 feet off the ground. Of course, you’ll be completely safe the entire time, but the thrill of the height and of adventure still hits you while navigating the course.

The adventure begins with safety training, then a 60 foot cargo net that leads you to the “high course.” The high course is exactly what it promises – an elevated obstacle course with different types of challenges to try. The elements are broken into easy, moderate and hard, depending on how strong your sense of adventure and courage are that day. Then you’ll descend via a zipline or rappelling off the course.

Adventura’s park is a great place to have a fun with friends and family. It is also appropriate for corporate morale and team building events. Participants by no means need to be high performing athletes, but you should have a modest level of fitness in order to get through things like the cargo net climb.

Hike Mount Si

What: One of the toughest hikes in the region.

Where: SE Mt Si Road, North Bend, WA. From Seattle, take I-90 to exit 32. Turn left onto 436th Ave SE and follow it to its end at SE North Bend Way. Turn left. In three-tenths of a mile, turn right onto SE Mt Si Road. The entrance to the trailhead will be 2.4 miles down the road. Discover Pass is required to park at the trailhead.

Email: N/A

Call: N/A

Website: Washington Trails Association Mount Si page

Mount Si is one of the most popular and most challenging hikes in the Seattle area. It features a brutal elevation gain of about 3,100 feet. You’ll trudge up nearly four miles of switchbacks, steadily gaining elevation the entire way. Some even use this trail as a means of training for climbing Mount Rainier.

Even so, more than 100,000 people a year undertake the challenge. The trail winds through beautiful, dense forest the entire way up, offering only hints of the stunning view that rewards those tough enough to reach the peak. The trees that surround the trail are massive and old. They’ve survived fires, logging and time, so do stop to appreciate them (and catch your breath) as the trail gets steeper and tougher.

Reaching the top of this trail truly feels like a reward. Hikers burst out of the forest into a magnificent clearing 3,100 feet above where they started and overlooking the entire region. On a clear day, you’ll easily see Seattle, Snoqualmie Valley and the Olympics. Most people stop here, but the true peak of Mt Si is the Haystack, a rocky outcropping jutting from the crown of the mountain. While you sit, rest and enjoy your hard-earned reward, you’ll likely get some curious blue jays and other birds who are accustomed enough to hikers to expect a little treat.

Kayak from Lake Union to the Puget Sound

What: Take a kayak tour of the area starting in Lake Union, passing through the Ballard Locks and finally reaching the Puget Sound.

Where: 860 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA

Email: N/A

Call: N/A

Website: Lake Union Park

The bodies of water that wind through the Seattle region are one of the things that make it special. And one of the best ways to enjoy those bodies of water is kayaking.

Many companies offer kayak rentals. If you start at Lake Union, you can have a unique kayaking adventure that takes you all the way through Ballard and to the Puget Sound. Start at Gas Works Park, the Center for Wooden Boats or nearly anywhere else along Lake Union. Head toward the bridges past Gas Works and you’ll be on your way to the Ballard Locks. At the right time of year, salmon and sea lions occupy the locks just as much as boats do. The locks are fascinating in and of themselves. Many people stop on the bridges just to watch boats make their way through the locks. Once you get through them, though, you will be on your way to the Puget Sound.

Make sure the company you rent the kayak from doesn’t mind you taking their kayaks into the salty water on the other side of the locks. Otherwise, this is a great way to tour several regions of Seattle, and have a little adventure along the way. You can pass the houseboat featured in “Sleepless in Seattle,” see Gas Works park, experience the locks and, if you’re lucky, get up close with salmon and sea lions. This is an especially great way to show the city to people who have never visited before. A kayak trip serves as both guided tour and fun adventure, and you don’t need to leave the city to do it.

Get your kayak from Urban Surf, Moss Bay or the Northwest Outdoor Center (rates vary but are typically by the hour). Some places offer stand-up paddle boards in addition to kayaks. Or check out the Center for Wooden Boats to see historical boats or explore canoes, sailboats and rowboats.

Fun Things to Do in Seattle

  • Discover the Seattle Aquarium
  • Get a Taste a the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room
  • Soar at the Museum of Flight
  • Visit the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)
  • Walk Pike Place Market

Discover the Seattle Aquarium

What: The Seattle Aquarium.

Where: 1483 Alaskan Way, Pier 59, Seattle, WA, 98101

Email: N/A

Call: (206) 386-4300

Website: seattleaquarium.org

Seattle’s aquarium is pretty legendary and definitely worth a visit. The Pacific Northwest region has some of the richest diversity of ocean creatures in the world. The aquarium strives to represent the region and does so in fun, interesting ways. The Underwater Dome lets visitors feel surrounded by the ocean itself. The aquarium hosts a feeding at 1:30 p.m. every day and the dome is the best place to view it from.

The aquarium has more than just critters, though. It also features the Pacific Coral Reef, interactive NASA kiosks and exhibits about birds and shorelines that are just as crucial to the ocean life in the region as the oceans themselves.

Of course, the stars of the show of are the ocean creatures. The aquarium has octopi, marine mammals and tons of fish. You can see otters, seals and more and learn all about them from the knowledgeable staff at the aquarium.

Get a Taste a the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

What: The “Willy Wonka factory of coffee,” the Starbucks Reserve offers coffee and food.

Where: 1124 Pike St, Seattle, WA, 98101

Email: N/A

Call: (206) 624-0173

Website: roastery.starbucks.com

Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks, so it only makes sense to visit the Starbucks Reserve at some point. Coffee lovers will be in heaven at the Reserve, where they can witness the entire coffee-making process from bean to brew.

But the Reserve isn’t just for looks. Starbucks really brews coffee there each and every day. You can’t get a fresher cup than the ones at the Reserve. Plus, you’ll find a specialty menu you won’t see in normal Starbucks stores, a library about coffee, eight different coffee-preparing methods and some of the most passionate coffee makers in the world. Order a flight to get a taste of a diverse range of coffees, or just fall back on an old favorite made extra fresh.

Soar at the Museum of Flight

What: A museum dedicated to all things air and space.

Where: 9404 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA, 98108

Email: N/A

Call: (206) 764-5700

Website: museumofflight.org

You might not realize it, but Seattle actually hosts the largest independent, non-profit air and space museum in the world. Slightly off the beaten path, the Museum of Flight celebrates one of the biggest industries in the Seattle area through fun and interactive exhibits.

If you have the stomach for it, one of the most fun exhibits at the museum are the flight simulators. You’ll rock and roll just like in a real plane with an immersive flight simulator that makes you feel like a professional pilot. There is also a 3D movie theatre, kid’s flight zone and “The Pilot Experience,” a one-hour experience to test if you’ve got what it takes to be a real pilot.

Anyone with any interest at all in flight or space will enjoy the immersive and interactive exhibits at the Museum of Flight.

Visit the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)

What: The MoPOP is a shrine to all things pop culture, from Star Trek to Jimi Hendrix to the hometown Seahawks.

Where: MoPOP is located within the Seattle Center, within view of the Space Needle. 325 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA, 98109

Email: N/A

Call: (206) 770-2700

Website: MoPOP.org

The Museum of Pop Culture (formerly the EMP Museum) is an icon in Seattle for several reasons. Aside from the exhibits inside, the outside of the museum features a memorable design that makes people curious just by walking past.

But the inside of the museum is really the part worth seeing. The exhibits are constantly changing, so check their website before deciding to visit. Exhibits have included set pieces from Star Trek, an exhibit of science fiction and fantasy, classic gaming consoles, guitars from famous musicians and more. You never quite know what you’ll get at MoPOP, but it will always be entertaining.

And while you’re there, you might as well visit the Space Needle as well. The Space Needle defines Seattle’s skyline and stands 605 feet tall. An elevator can take you to the observation level where, on a clear day, you can get a great view of the area, including Mount Rainier, if you’re lucky. There is also a gift shop and restaurant at the top of the Space Needle.

Walk Pike Place Market

What: A giant outdoor market that is one of the most famous locations in Seattle.

Where: 1st Ave and Pike St, Seattle, WA, 98101

Email: info@pikeplacemarket.org

Call: (206) 682-7453

Website: http://pikeplacemarket.org

Pike Place Market is one of the most famous locations in all of Seattle. If you haven’t already been there, you’re pretty much obligated to visit it at some point. It has been featured in reality TV shows, hosts the famous fish throwing merchants and offers stunning views while you shop for quirky Seattle specialties.

The market sits under the famous Pike Place Market sign. A golden pig statue will welcome you to the market and sits right in front of the fish throwing merchants of legend. The salmon they have is right from the region and some of the freshest fish you could buy. Many of the restaurants located nearby in Post Alley buy their fish and produce right from the market and change their menus based on what the market has available that week.

You can get a tour of the market, but it’s more fun to explore on your own. You’ll find homemade jam, Rainier cherries and chocolates and weird pop culture specialties. The market allows you to buy anything and everything, from name brands to homemade, one-of-a-kind items.

Of course, being such a famous location, the market does frequently get extremely crowded, so time your visit carefully to try to avoid some of the crowds. If there is a cruise ship in town, you can be sure the market is packed.

Romantic Things to Do in Seattle

  • Get Dinner at the Teatro ZinZanni
  • Walk the Arboretum
  • Watch a Concert at Chateau Ste Michelle

Get Dinner at the Teatro ZinZanni

What: A unique and fun dinner experience a little outside the city.

Where: 6046 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA, 98052

Email: info@zinzanni.com

Call: (206) 802-0015

Website: https://zinzanni.com/

You’ve never had a meal quite like the one you’ll get at Teatro ZinZanni. Zinzanni is part theater, part restaurant and part circus. Dinner and a show has never been quite like this. A ticket will get you a three hour show that includes performers from an international cirque, comedians and cabaret artists.

The show at Teatro ZinZanni changes frequently. ZinZanni encourages you to check out their individual performers, all of whom are renowned in their specialties. The show changes frequently enough that you should check back close to when you plan to visit to see exactly what they have in store.

The food is just as meticulously planned as the show itself. The food at Teatro ZinZanni would be worth the trip on its own. Chef Jason Wilson has designed a menu based on his award-winning regional American cuisine. Wine and cocktails pair perfectly with main courses such as a salmon filet or harvest tagine. And for dessert, ZinZanni currently offers the chocolate cake “Madame ZinZanni.” It can satisfy any sweet tooth.

ZinZanni might be a bit much for a first date, but if you are trying to impress someone with your choice for a night out, ZinZanni will certainly fit the bill. The show can be a very romantic setting, even while providing excitement and entertainment. It is a great option for a romantic night out that will be absolutely unforgettable.

Walk the Arboretum

What: A beautiful garden tucked away on the shores of Lake Washington and crisscrossed with walking trails.

Where: 2300 Arboretum Drive E, Seattle, WA, 98112

Email: uwbg@uw.edu

Call: (206) 543-8800

Website: https://botanicgardens.uw.edu/washington-park-arboretum/

The Arboretum is one of the most serene and beautiful places in Seattle. It includes a visitors center, a Japanese Garden and so many walking trails you can get happily lost for hours. While the Arboretum does offer tours, if you are looking for a romantic activity, walk the trails yourself. Take your time wandering among the beautiful foliage in this popular yet serene location.

The Arboretum offers all kinds of activities, from classes and tours to birding and boating. Boating can be especially romantic on the tranquil waters within the Arboretum. You’ll be removed from the noise and bustle of other waterways like Lake Union and the Ballard Locks.

The Arboretum is such a beautiful and romantic venue that it is even rented out for weddings and other events from time to time. It also hosts nature classes on things like rain water, types of trees, seasonal plants and more.  

For an extra romantic and special trip, check out the Japanese Garden. This 3.5 acre traditional Japanese stroll garden was built in the early 1900s and is as close to a real Japanese garden as you’ll get outside of Japan itself. The garden is magnificent all year round, but if you can visit in spring you’ll get the best possible experience. It is open from March 1 through November 30.

Watch a Concert at Chateau Ste Michelle

What: The winery puts on a summer concert series at its site.

Where: 14111 NW 145th St, Woodinville, WA, 98072

Email: info@ste-michelle.com

Call: (425) 488-1133

Website: https://www.ste-michelle.com/

Chateau Ste Michelle is a winery in Woodinville, but every summer they put on a concert series that can serve as a great outdoor getaway. Sip wine and listen to one of the bands the chateau has on tap for that summer’s series. The artists change week to week, so you’ll have to check their website to see specifically who they plan to have come perform that week. Some of the artists they invited to perform in 2017 included: Elvis Costello, John Legend, The Moody Blues, Santana, Allen Stone, ZZ Top & The Doobie Brothers and many others.

The chateau gets some big name artists for the summer concert series, so be sure to plan ahead if you want to have a romantic date here. The concerts can attract a lot of guests. You will need to get a ticket from TicketMaster. Ticket sales for the summer generally open up in March, so keep an eye on the winery’s website to see when you can get yours.

The ticket sales help fund the chateau’s charitable contributions program, which helps hundreds of organizations. Before the show begins, spend some time browsing the wine shop or getting a snack from one of the food vendors on site. The summer concert series truly has a festival feel to it, with open lawn seating regardless of the weather. Some people even bring their own picnic baskets and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy during the show. Wandering the chateau before the show can make for a romantic and cozy afternoon that ends with music and a great bottle of wine.

Unique Things to Do in Seattle

  • Check out the Kirkland Flatstick Pub
  • Pet and Sip at Seattle Meowtropolitan
  • Play Pinball at the Seattle Pinball Museum
  • See the Seattle Underground

Check out the Kirkland Flatstick Pub

What: More than just a bar, the pub also includes a full mini golf course that you can play.

Where: 15 Lake Street, Kirkland, WA, 98033

Email: N/A

Call: N/A

Website: http://www.flatstickpub.com/

Getting a beer has never been like this. The Flatstick Pub in Kirkland, just a few minutes outside Seattle, is much more than just a bar. It also includes a 9-hole indoor mini golf course, as well as other games. This makes for a much more fun experience than your average night out for drinks.

Flatstick Pub takes pride in offering Washington-only beers and ciders, as well as other drink options. The pub is dog friendly, even having a “Yappy Hour” from 6 – 7 p.m. Monday – Friday and all day on Sundays. Just what is “Yappy Hour”? You’ll get $1 off a pint when you bring in your dog. And if you’re looking for a taste of what “Yappy Hour” is all about, you can search for the hashtag #flatstickpup to see other people posting pictures of their pups at the pub. It’s pretty hard to resist.

The mini golf course is a big attraction for those visiting the pub. There is a “risk-reward” show on every hole that is designed to stump even the most skilled mini golfers. It’s definitely not your average mini golf course, or your average pub. This makes Flatstick Pub a great option for dates, fun nights out with friends or even events.

There is an additional $6 fee to use the mini golf course, but for that price you’ll get some of the wackiest and most fun mini golf holes you’ve ever seen. Hole 1, dubbed “Tap the Key,” has actually kegs on the course for added difficulty. Hole 7, “The Needle’s Eye,” challenges players to thread the needle with bank shots while avoiding the water behind the hole. Every hole has a unique and fun design that challenges players (especially if they’ve already had a pint).

Whether you brave the mini golf course or just stick to drinking and playing the other games, Flatstick Pub offers a night out that’s a little different from your usual haunts.

Pet and Sip at Seattle Meowtropolitan

What: A cafe where you can get your tea and coffee and drink it surrounded by cats.

Where: 1225 N 45th St, Seattle, WA, 98103

Email: N/A

Call: (206) 632-2330

Website: https://seattlemeowtropolitan.com/

Cat lovers, this is your dream come true. Seattle Meowtropolitan has everything a normal cafe has – coffee, tea, snacks – but with one very special twist. Cats. Cats everywhere.

The cats at Seattle Meowtropolitan roam the cafe freely. It is their home you’re walking into when you go to the cafe for a drink. They have toys, perches and scratching posts. And they love company. Five of the cats are permanent residents of the cafe, but all the others are up for adoption. The cafe encourages people to meet the cats and fall in love with them so they can find forever homes with cat lovers. The five who have firmly planted themselves at the cafe are Penguin, Django, Clouds, Robin and Merlin.

For a super special treat, sign up for Cat Yoga. It is an ordinary yoga class… but with cats.

Visiting the cats requires a reservation. You have to pay per hour to hang out with the cats at the cafe, in addition to the price of any drinks or snacks you buy. This can make it a slightly pricey adventure, but if you or anyone you know is a cat lover, it’s worth splurging on a trip to Seattle Meowtropolitan at least once.

Play Pinball at the Seattle Pinball Museum

What: A private pinball machine collection that grew until it became a full-on museum.

Where: 508 Maynard Ave S, Seattle, WA, 98104

Email: ​​info@seattlepinballmuseum.com

Call: (206) 623-0759

Website: http://www.seattlepinballmuseum.com/

Even if you aren’t a pinball fanatic, it’s worth visiting the Pinball Museum at some point. Started a married couple’s private collection, it soon grew into its very own museum. The pinball collector community is a tight knit group, but Seattle’s collectors have opened their doors to the public. For the price of admission you get to play all the machines for free.

The collection includes tons of machines, some dating as far back as 1934, while others are modern pinball machines. For those in the know, some of the games are produced by Jersey Jack Pinball, Dutch Pinball, Spooky Pinball, VP Cabs and Stern Pinball. And they aren’t done collecting. As of 2018, the collectors have announced that they intend to keep updating their offering of games. Some of the ones they offer include Godzilla, King Tut, Flash Gordon, Guns N’ Roses, Batman and The Addams Family. There are more than 50 machines, though, so you’re sure to find some you want to play.

The museum also has food and beverages and a multi entry pass option. This lets you come and go all day and play as much, or as little, as you want. You can make the Seattle Pinball Machine into a quick side trip or an all-day adventure, depending on how you want to approach it and how much you love pinball.

See the Seattle Underground

What: A network of shops, bars and hotels abandoned below Seattle’s streets.

Where: Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA, 98104

Email: N/A

Call: (206) 682-4646

Website: http://www.undergroundtour.com/

The Seattle Underground is truly unique to the city. The Great Fire of 1889 destroyed much of the city, causing Seattle to build on top of the debris. That debris has become the Seattle Underground, where humorous tours take a look at Seattle’s buried history.

The tour takes about 75 minutes and involves walking that entire time. Walking the Seattle Underground is like being inside a time capsule of the city. The fire destroyed buildings still made from wood, before Seattle decided to build higher up and with stone or brick masonry.

The man who started the tour was Bill Speidel, who became a preservationist after working for newspapers in the city. He founded the tour in 1965 and it is still going strong today.

The tour offers not just a unique view of the city, but also a gift shop, food and drinks, and entertainment. If you go near Halloween, there is even a spooky version of the tour, for those who are brave enough, called the Underground Paranormal Experience.

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